Fetal Monitor, Multi-parameter Monitor Manufacturer

Established in 1999, Unicare is now a leading developer and manufacturer of CTG machine products in China. We supply reliable, high-tech medical equipment, such as our fetal and maternal monitor, multi-parameter monitor, gynecological ozone therapy apparatus, pulse oximeter, medical thermal printer, and fetal monitor board to healthcare professionals around the world. In addition to our superior quality medical equipment, we also offer OEM and ODM service, and in fact we are the OEM supplier for Philips.

  • Mars K Fetal and Maternal Monitor
  • Mars K Fetal/Maternal Monitor With the specially designed fashionable and attractive appearance similar to the laptop, the product is small, exquisite and portable. Its display screen can be protected properly.
    The unique large silicone rubber keypad realizes convenient and quick operation of the product.
    This fetal and maternal monitor is configured with the special 12-chip ultrasonic probe of 1 MHz working with wide beam to give sensitive detection...
  • F8 Multi-parameter Monitor
  • F8 Multi-parameter MonitorIn respect of the progressive designing idea, this F8 multi-parameter monitor is portable and suited for using alternate and direct current. Mounted with rechargeable battery with large capacity internally, it can accomplish continuous monitoring for 2 hours.
    The 12.1 inch TFT LCD display of high brightness offers large viewing scope.
    Users can use the optional high speed thermal printer, whose printing width is 50mm.
  • F15 Multi Parameter Patient Monitor
  • F15 Multi Parameter Patient MonitorWith the high definition 15 inch TFT display, the F15 multi-parameter monitor offers a wide visual range and high brightness. The resolution of the LCD screen is 1024×768.
    The high speed thermal printer can be selected to cooperate with the product and its printing width is 50mm.
    Based on advanced idea of design, this portable product is suitable for both of direct and alternate...
  • VS900-I Tabletop Pulse Oximeter
  • VS900-I Tabletop Pulse OximeterThis VS900-I tabletop pulse oximeter chooses the LED and LCD display that shows high luminance.
    It functions great expansion performance. With the optional Nellcor sensor, this product can fulfill the demands of patients at different ages, such as adult, neonate and child.
    It supports 100 hours of data storage under the situations of poor power supply.
  • Gynecological Ozone Therapy Machine
  • Gynecological Ozone Therapy MachineThis gynecological ozone therapy machine works with complete treatment modes including the ozone, atomized ozone and ozone liquid used for patients based on different conditions.
    It uses the ceramic electrode plate to generate and prepare the ozone and there is no heavy metal pollution in the treatment.
    The time of therapy can be set arbitrarily in the scope of 1 to 15 minutes.
  • VS900-II Vital Signs Monitor
  • VS900-II Vital Signs MonitorCombined with progressive designing idea, this VS900-II vital signs monitor is portable and available in using alternate and direct current. With the large capacity rechargeable battery installed internally, it can achieve continuous monitoring for 2 hours.
    The high brightness TFT LCD display is as large as 12.1 inch. It offers a large visual range for users and shows in 14 different languages....
  • UC50 Thermal Printer
  • UC50 Thermal PrinterThis UC50 thermal printer offers printing baseline drift less than 0.5mm/10m.
    It will print text, graphics, curve and other formats of contents.
    It is easy for users to place the paper in the product quickly due to the special design.
    Under the dual protection of software and hardware, our printer prevents the thermal print head and the motor from overheating...
  • Fetal Monitoring Module
  • Fetal Monitoring ModuleSuitable for the single 5V power supply, the fetal monitoring module minimizes the requirement on power supply of the system.
    The fetal heart sound is authentic with good tone quality so that this product lowers the requirement on the loudspeaker effectively.
    The LED output drive interface flickers with the fetal heart beat simultaneously.